Camo the hot male

Sunday, January 15, 2006

fuck those fucking fuckers

Ok I believe we should "fuck those fucking fuckers/the man", we have all been fucked by them and what do we do we sit around bitching about everything "bitch this bitch that" well I'm sick of it we should get together and fuck those ass holes.

I was doin some plannin for this trip and an ass hole said "fuck fuck bitch" and then my friend rohan said "oh bitch fuck bitch" so now we can't go to calliope, I say we should march to the lead fucker also known as the big ass hole fucking fucker in short I'll call him BASFF, so we should all march to this BASFF and say "fuck bitch bitch fuck fuck!!!!".

so all of us that havn't been fucked completely should rise up and fuck the BASFF so we don't become ass holes.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


ok, this is dedicated to my freind rohan.

my family:

The Mum: my mum is cool to all my friends, when ever a friend stayed over she would cook picklets and stuff for breakfast, she's nice and all of my friends like her.
but when threre aren't any friends over and she's had two wines she's fucking hilerious it's so funny talking with her.

The Dad: ok my dad doesn't talk much to my friends, clintons friends, alison's friends and alison's boy friend not that he talks to his imediant family much either, he's a grazier by heart and thats it.

The Sister: ok my sister is weird she absolutly hated me and my bro, but suddenly she is nice to us, and she is hilerious after about to finger nails of wine, for all those that have no idea what a finger nail of wine is it's when you dip you pinkie in, to the bottom of you finger nail and pull it out, yes my sister gets tipsy off that much.

The Bro: lil bitch

The Me: i'm the coolest one here, all my friends are cool and i have a beautiful girl friend, emily. i like to drink but i don't get drunk because i don't see the point.

Rohan's family:

The Devil: his mum, she will drop a bowl and scream at Rohan for doing it.

The pusdad: he is a lil bitch but cool.

The Princess/Sister: she's the most spoilt person i know, she is such a bitch.

The Bro: Rohan's bro he's ok, not as bad as any one else in the family but a liltle stuck up him self.

The Rohan: meh, cool, my friend

Sunday, December 18, 2005

my holidays

ok ok, i have had a request to right about my very interesting holidays.

so far there has been alot of sitting on my arse doing nothin but playing a really nerdly game called runescape.

i have cut down a few tree's using an axe, the reason for this is i'm having an bon fire soon and i need wood, i have a few freinds comeing to it, two of the i'm trying too hook up, carene is going to darwin soon and rohan likes her, she likes him too but she doesn't want to hurty him.
rohan only found out the other night that carene is going so he was a lil " well that fucked it up", and carene was sad for the fact that rohan was kinda misserable but she was happy that rohan still wanted to see her, we're going to rocky on wednesday to see a movie, so we'll see what happens.

i have seen a bit of my girl freind, but every time i ring her she sounds like " or what the fuck does he want" so i have no fucking idea what to do, i like her and all but i don't know what she wants.

i have organised my venturer groups xmas dinner, and had rohan over a couple of times which was cool, i blew the tyre on my car doin dohnuts, drunk a bit of alchole.

so thats basicaly how my holidays have been, wishing you all a happy xmas and new year.

love cameron

Monday, December 05, 2005

The Smart One

Hi Guys,

Clinton here again (Cam's alter-ego). Some people must think I'm a little slow, but thank's to the wonders of modern technology, and the hacking skills that I possess, I'm back! See, I'm the smart twin after all!

Anyway, to keep in theme with Cameron's website, here's some love tips for you:
  1. If some blonde chick comes up to you in a bar, and has a manly voice - don't touch it, she ain't no dude!
  2. Confidence is the key to getting chicks. Oh and money, chicks always put out for the rich guys.
  3. Watch Dirty Dancing, then you'll know all the moves to pick up.
  4. A cool hat and sunglasses always drive the girls crazy.

That's it for now, I'll have some more tips for you later.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

this is clinton

Hi Everyone,
Clinton here this is the list of things i hate

List of things I hate:
  • the rain
  • Potato Soup
  • people who steal my hat
  • loud music
  • quiet music
  • people who's last name begins with "D and s"
  • Lizard Egg eating birds
  • That damn grey crap that builds up inside computer mouses with the balls
  • 'the man'
  • Harry Potter
  • swimming
  • incorrectly folded underwear
  • Myspace
  • Lincoln Jokes
  • chips that taste like peanuts, or have too much salt
  • Neighbours
  • Holey
  • guys in hot pants
  • South Australian Drivers
  • Dirty Dancing the movie
  • people who complain
  • people that write things about me
  • ants flying or not flying
  • jacob
  • lincon and his bitches
  • cows
  • acid in my eyes

That's it for now and I'll keep you posted when I find other things I hate.

p.s i hate you

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Love, love is a many splendid thing.

when your in love with some one that loves you, when your together you feel like you could just float away, it's the best feeling ever.

but when your in love with some one that doesn't love you, you feel like your heart has been ripped out and there is nothing in this world for you, you could just die.

when some one loves you and you don't love them, well what you feel is basicaly what have i done to make this person like me, what do i do, why does she like me, do i like her.

so basicaly love is only one third splendid the other two is, well, crap.

so basicaly you have a one in three chance of being happy when it comes too love, so when you love some one and that person loves you don't beat around the bush, go for it, don't be nervous, if that person loves you they shouldn't care if you screw any thing up.

this is all true. i went out with my girl friend and i didn't do some thing that i should of. i know i should of, and i wanted too, but i thought about it too much and i got nervous so i didn't do it. i got pissed off at myself for it and shut down and i think my girl friend might be annoyed at me.

so a few helpful hints:

be your self.

no suprises when it comes to kissing.

give all your love too her/him, don't hold back.

ask questions about her, girls like guys that care ( and for you guys actrually pay attention).

buy her gifts and give her lots of compliments, don't do this for guys cuz we get all " god damn it i have to buy her some thing thats better than beer... whats better then beer nothing, but her love".

if you buy her flowers make sure your not allergic.

when you get her flowers get on one knee and give them to her, don't shove them in her face.

if you want to be romantic write a card to go with the flowers saying some thing like "Though these flowers will die, my love for you will survive".

ok thats it for now.
( this is dedicated to my lovely girl freind Emily, i love you, you're the most beautiful angel god has ever placed on this world.)